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Rehab in Laguna Hills, California – Ocean Ridge Treatment & Recovery


When you’re looking to foster your recovery, you won’t want to look any further than this rehab in Laguna Hills. Ocean Ridge Treatment & Recovery is a modern facility that offers all the comforts you need to get away and put yourself first. The staff is onsite around the clock and adopts a personal approach to your care, which is why many call it the best rehab center in California.

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Laguna Hills

Why Consider a Rehab Facility in Laguna Hills, CA



If you’re looking for a tropical oasis, you’ll find it in Laguna Hills, California. This area is close to the water and offers an amazing recovery environment that you’ll appreciate when you need a breath of fresh air. 

Laguna Hills was incorporated in 1991, making it a relatively new city on the map with just 31,000 residents. Its median household income hovers around $90,000, and the city is situated in the 949 area code. 



Laguna Hills Inpatient Residential Treatment

Residential treatment is for those who are in the throes of addiction and need help not only detoxing but also getting to the root of what’s causing them to abuse drugs or alcohol. At this facility, everyone has their own room or bed and luxury amenities designed to make their stay as comfortable as possible. There are garden tubs and exquisite views. 

Inpatient care is for anyone – those in the area or especially for those out of town who need to get away from the environment that fostered the addiction to begin with. Ocean Ridge provides a therapeutic healing space that’s distraction-free, so you can focus on what’s most important – your health.



Laguna Hills Outpatient Treatment

Ocean Ridge’s outpatient treatment program is great for those who live in or near the area. This often follows inpatient treatment in that it supports the lessons you’ve learned and the sobriety you’ve gained during your stay. The best part about outpatient care is that you still get the services you need, but you get them on your schedule.



Laguna Hills Aftercare Treatment

Aftercare treatment is one of the last roads you’ll travel on your road to sobriety. It gives you the tools you need to stay addiction free, because being sober truly is a lifelong endeavor. At this rehab in Laguna Hills, you’ll get the positive reinforcement you need as well as any therapy and programs you need to help you thrive. Aftercare can last months, if not years, for some people, and many people find it vital to their well-being.

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Types of Treatment Programs



This facility offers multiple types of addiction treatment in Laguna Hills. Patients can come here to detox from various types of drugs and alcohol. The detox programs are monitored to help patients safely through withdrawal symptoms. 

There are a number of therapy programs, too, including individual, group, and family sessions, that are vital to helping patients not only recover but also maintain their sobriety after detox. 

To get more information on the types of treatment programs available, please contact the admissions office. 

How Is Ocean Ridge Treatment & Recovery Different?



The main difference at this Laguna Hills drug treatment center is that the care is extremely personal. Every guest goes through an in-depth evaluation before they begin their stay. These tests seek to discover underlying conditions, such as mental disorders, that can contribute to drug addiction. 

The facilities are designed with comfort in mind and offer all the daily conveniences you need for a month-long stay. Onsite staff is there to tend to your needs, whether you’re going through a medical crisis or need help with detox services. 

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What Does an Average Day Look Like at Ocean Ridge Treatment & Recovery?



Each person’s day at Ocean Ridge will vary depending on their treatment needs. However, every day starts out with a nutritious breakfast with lunch and dinner offered in the afternoon and evening hours. 

Throughout the morning and afternoon, guests at this rehab in Laguna Hills will attend classes and workshops designed to help them improve their daily lives. They teach lessons on how to return to life and still maintain sobriety.

This rehab near Dana Point also offers individual and group therapy sessions to deal with underlying issues. Staff is onsite 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, to help provide patients with around-the-clock care, should they need it. 

Every patient checking in will get their daily schedule with their listed activities.

Cost for Treatment



Costs at this drug treatment center in Laguna Hills depend on the services needed; there is no one-size-fits-all bill. Each patient’s needs will vary. Insurance plans can help foot the bill and may cover diagnostic testing as well as your stay. Speak with an admissions counselor about your prospective treatment plan and all it entails. 

Insurance Coverage



This rehab in Laguna Hills takes several insurance plans. They may cover some or all of the costs associated with your treatment. Some of the plans the facility takes include: 


      • United Healthcare

      • BlueCross BlueShield

      • Aetna

      • Anthem

      • NYShip

      • The Empire Plan




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    If you don’t see your insurance listed, call to speak with one of the staff members about potential other payment options. 

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    Admission Process





    The admissions process at Ocean Ridge Treatment & Recovery starts with an evaluation. This will help the staff members at this rehab near Orange, CA, get a feel for what type of treatment the patient needs. The evaluations look for underlying conditions, such as mental disorders, that can contribute to addiction and, therefore, need treating as well. During the admissions process, the staff can help create a personalized plan for recovery and go over all costs and insurance information.

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